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    Asahi(Music / Words / Key / Vo)

    Minami Kiishi(Photo / Video)
    Akiyama "Bob" Daichi(Sound design)

    macaroom is a Japanese electronic unit founded by a vocalist “emaru" and composer “Asahi".
    macaroom makes and plays poppy music adopted from the sound function of the words called “phonelyrics” studied by Asahi.
    They take part in the compilation in France and their interview was reported.
    They has gradually come under global spotlight in a small market “Electronca”


    They started in 2010 and released their first album “room 103”

    Their interview was in the French music information site “KoChiPan” in 2012.
    In 2013 a song "you" was released as "mora Official Hi-Rez demo track" through music release site “mora”managed by Label Gate Inc.
    That music was recorded as a privilege in "ハイレゾ読本(Hi-Rez Dokuhon)" supervised by Reiji Asakura .
    The music was introduced in "bunkatsushin com”.

    In the same year they took part in the compilation album "Asian sounds volume one" released by Social Alienation in France.

    In 2014 they released the 2nd album "homephone TE" whichi is provided as only digital contents.

    On the live stage, a sound designer Akiyama “Bob” Daichi cooperates them and carries the unique live performance by mixing Max algorithmic composition and sound signal treatment.
    Also they are preparing the new live performance using the technology live time morphing technique on stage.

    ・2nd album "homephone TE"

    ・mora official Hi-Rez demo track(free)

    ・Official Music Video
    yume (YouTube)