• An electronica unit centered around the vocalist Emaru.
    Asahi is responsible for lyrics, composition, arrangement, and programming.
    The cutting-edge sound design is by “Bob" Daichi Akiyama, a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts, and live kung fu performances are by martial artist Minami Bokuseki, who became a world champion in Drunken Fist.
    Slowly advancing in the extreme north of pop music, most of the photos and videos are also by Minami Kiishi.
    They operate on the forefront of copyright law, declaring that all songs by macaroom can be used without permission by third parties.

    T They have released collaborative tracks with Post Coal Prom Queen from Scotland and Sarah Angel from Manchester.
    They released an album titled 'kodomono odoriko' under the name 'macaroom and Toshihiro Chiku' together with musician Toshihiro Chiku (Pascals, Tama).
    They also provide drama soundtracks and theme songs.

    They were in charge of the soundtrack for the NHK drama 'Seiri no Ojisan to Sono Musume', which won the Galaxy Award Encouragement Prize.
    They contributed music to the Canadian film 'Queens of the Qing Dynasty', which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.

    Asahi, under the name Gaku Kiishi, has also authored music books, including 'Easy Modern Music Composition Method' and 'Sound Texture of Lyrics'.