• macaroom is a Japanese electro-pop band founded by vocalist emaru and composer Asahi.
    macaroom makes and plays pop music adopted from “phonelyrics”, studied by Asahi. This relates to the sound function of words.
    The band also worked on a project to transform one of John Cage’s works into pop.

    Asahi(Music / Words / Key / Vo)

    “Bob” Daichi Akiyama (Sound design)
    Minami Kiishi (Photo / Video / Kung fu performance)

    Asahi, also known as Gaku Kiishi, is the author of “Decomposition -An easy way to compose contemporary music(『やさしい現代音楽の作曲法』)”. Upon release, the book became an instant best-seller in the music genre.

    macaroom often includes the Chinese martial art kung fu in their live performances and music videos, performed by kung fu master Minami Kiishi. He was the gold medallist at the 2011 World Kung Fu Championship held in Taiwan.

    The band’s music incorporates algorithmic composition, particularly when performed live. This composition style links music with biochemistry and complex science systems. These systems are constructed by “Bob” Daichi Akiyama, a sound designer and sound scientist.

    Illustrator Yusuke Nakamura, well-known for his cover designs for best-selling books and CDs, has praised macaroom’s sound, naming it “an organic electronica”. Best-selling novelist Genichiro Takahashi called their sound “future memories”.


    Studio Albums
    room-103 (2010)
    homephone TE (2016)
    swimming classroom (2018)

    cage out (2017)
    official bootleg (a) (2019)