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Apr. 19, 2023

5th Album『burning chrome』リリース決定

macaroom 5th album『burning chrome』が2024年7月10日(水)にリリースされます。。

We will release our full album 'burning chrome' on Wednesday, July 10, 2024. This will be our fifth full album and the first in two years since their previous work, 'inter ice age 4.'
As with our past works, all songs are sung by emaru, whose extremely fragile and transparent voice, clever pronunciation and vocal experiments, along with electronic processing and sound synthesis, expand the framework of pop music.

album title:burning chrome

01 geinin
02 q&p
03 lamb
04 heike
05 hole
06 burning chrome
07 chikyuu
08 machino uta (it was Christmas Eve)
09 count
10 walden
11 kyoukai
12 Supai No Kodomo ft. Post Coal Prom Queen

品番: ASHI-0014
発売日: 2024年7月10日(水)
価格: 3,300円(税込)(サービスによって異なります)